Why use planning software for your business?

The usage of Microsoft Excel for personnel planning is quite popular these days. Although Excel offers some amazing options, like the ability to organize your work and produce it at any time you require it, there are many other alternatives. Online staff planners have a variety of advantages over conventional software programs. They provide more flexibility and options for customization, such as the ability to create shifts that are longer or shorter depending on how it fits in your schedule.

1. The most commonly-cited issue when creating work schedules in Excel is that it’s sent to employees. You have to be aware that certain employees won’t be in the office at the time you schedule them. That means several copies of the exact schedule may get sent around. With online scheduling software, there’s only be one primary goal; modifications made instantly show up immediately, so there is no uncertainty among workers.

2. If an Excel work schedule is uploaded the workplace, many employees are unable to open the file. It’s a paid application and not everyone can access it installed on their smartphone or laptop. Recent versions include greater features for a more expensive cost, but they have less functionality. Certain people may require assistance from another device like an iPad that has access to Google Sheets. You can view both apps simultaneously.

3. It’s a big headache for planners when employees cannot show up at their scheduled time. The best solution to this problem is to make sure that employees are able to access their schedules and can find substitutes on their own without having to rely on another person’s approval! This prevents planners from going through countless hours trying fruitlessly looking through shift listings while wasting even more time by having workers show late or call in sick when they aren’t contagious like flu’s etc. It could also lead planners to be in difficulties with employers due to missed shifts.

4. It is standard to provide alternative workers for employees calling in sick at work. Even though it can be a tedious job for managers, who have to locate replacements and inform them via push notifications or emails however, there are numerous benefits. First, these assignments are done automatically and without the need for human intervention. The second benefit is that you don’t have to do any work that is important because your replacement was capable of completing every task to their maximum capacity. If they fail to accomplish this, he/she can get back next week. This also lets everyone be involved in the process of planning.

5. The availability of employees is difficult to control. A good online software for planning personnel allows workers to communicate their schedules in a short and easy way by using a computer or mobile applications they have installed. This plan immediately reflects any changes in the staffing structure and no manual adjustments are needed. This saves you time every day! When sending out texts or emails concerning work hours, the planner will have to switch back between different programs since these messages can arrive at different times during the day, therefore slowing down the scheduling process further than before.

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