Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Developers and designers are starting to develop more websites using an emphasis on mobile as the majority of the revenue currently comes from that device. To ensure good UX on these smaller screens, it is vital for designers/developers in web development or design to be familiar with creating them since they will be essential in the creation of an app-based website that requires special care due to the limited space available. This is why it’s important to speed up loading times as many people go straight onto their mobiles to check their emails during lunchtime.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

The April rains are bringing May blooms and that’s why you’re seeing brighter colors and round corners on websites. Just like in elements of design like avatars for profile inputs or forms backgrounds have also moved from using 90 degrees to draw attention with interesting perspectives that will keep your customers engaged for longer than ever before. Making sure that your site is with the latest trends helps foster trust between yourself + potential customers allowing them not only to purchase from but recommend your services to boost sales exponentially.

More Animations and Interactions

JQuery and other web technologies make animated websites well-known. These scripts can transform your website into more than solely a device for reading printed text, but also offer interactivity between the user and the page’s elements, which was once limited only by the possibilities you could create with images before they were made available to the world wide web.

Websites have been getting more and more interactive. Sliders and page transitions panels, and even simple animations are a great way to make your website seem alive, without having to resort back to the ugly look of the 1990s that we know so well. These techniques increase interactivity and increase traffic to revenue-generating activities which could result in an increase in the value per visit (RPV).


To keep their websites’ traffic high and not have them sent off-site in the first place, the HTML 5 tag is becoming more popular. The increasing number of options for hosting video content (including streaming) has led to more businesses decide they can manage this sort of thing more effectively than before by using other technologies , such as YouTube or any other third-party provider which can shut down anytime, so using these tags can allow a company’s videos to seamlessly integrate on its website while giving you wider player selection capabilities.

Video Backgrounds

With video backgrounds in the ascendancy, you can use them to your advantage and increase the amount of time customers spend with you. Video backgrounds can improve conversion rates since they offer more information about a business in a smaller space than traditional pictures. It makes it simpler for customers to view videos, even if they do not have a great deal of reading.

Video backgrounds are an effective way to increase brand recognition and increase the number of people who return. It can be used for both general purposes and specific types of marketing such as eCommerce content strategies or video marketing. This will allow you to improve your site’s duration and the level of engagement with customers.

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