Reinvent Yourself With Personal Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is a fresh concept introduced to improve the efficiency of knowledge workers , such as procurement professionals. A personal knowledge management system (KMS) includes techniques and tools for capturing, classifying storage of information that you use in your daily life; it also lets you search for ideas and share them internally or externally with other people who might need them too.

The ability to keep all your data organized is vital to productivity. When you need it to complete a project or task you will be able to find everything you need in one spot. This will facilitate seamless workflows, and less anxiety. There are elements that will help you create this kind of environment.


Life-long learning is essential in becoming a better skilled worker. As new technologies emerge and skills that are no longer relevant it is essential to continue self-improvement is not overstated. this includes not just attending workshops or conferences, as well as reading technical journals relevant to your work as well as analyzing websites offering training courses to fill any gaps that you might have not filled with your lack of study throughout college years past.


Productivity is not about how many things you are able to complete in a certain time period. It’s about your creativity and output. It is possible to tap into innovative methods and tools that can help you improve your creative abilities. For example you can use Google for “creative Tool Kit” or YouTube videos with how-to tutorials that will show you new methods of doing things.

Information Triage

With all the information accessible, it’s vital to know how to organize and prioritizing the information you’ve read. Otherwise, your mind may get overwhelmed by all the information, just like an emergency medicine nurse may be overwhelmed by too many patients who are suffering from different degrees or severity of injuries. Being able to understand the cases that require immediate attention is a way to save time for everyone affected.


Networking doesn’t happen overnight. It is essential to organize yourself to ensure that when you meet someone unfamiliar, make sure prior to any other interactions, ask them intelligent questions about their expertise area and then listen attentively for the answersNote down the details in an easily accessible place like an excel spreadsheet or database on your phone (or whatever device is best for you). This will help you remember who can tell what info without having trouble remembering the exact date or location it was first announced.


Before you take any action be sure that you’re taking in all the information. Ask questions if you find some confusion or unclear information in your investigation. Be specific in your questions so people can elaborate on their responses without feeling pressured to give only Yes or No responses. This helps avoid confusion later down the line when one person has provided more detail than others because they were requested less and thus thinking that they understood what was being discussed better.


It’s essential to have an excellent ability to communicate to be efficient. Effective communication is crucial to productivity. This two-way street concept lets both sides of the conversation to utilize their respective tools. If necessary, ask questions to avoid misunderstandings.

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