Important things to keep in mind when looking at whelping boxes

A whelping box is crucial tool for a new dog breeder. Without one, it’ll be almost impossible to have puppies naturally – there are just too many things you have to do at the same time. If you’re tight in space, having something that folds up easily into the space of a tiny area could be an important feature for you.

Things to keep in your thoughts when you look at whelping boxes

Size and Capacity: the majority of boxes provide a size recommendation for dogs. The bigger the better, but if your dog is out of the range, are they still going to work for you? Are they fully grown before they can leave?

Easy Cleaning: Most whelping containers are made from plastic. They are very easy to clean but won’t fit into your dishwasher. Are they too big for the kitchen counter when folded up?

Quality Of The Fasteners/Attachments: some whelping boxes are just flat pieces of plastic, with no real method to attach anything. Other boxes come with simple velcro clips, which wear out easily over time. Others come with heavy-duty, industrial-strength snaps. Find out which is the most appropriate for your needs.

Foldability/Portability: if you are tight on space, and need something that will fit into a small room when not in use (ie: living room), then portability may be an important feature for you. If this is the case, then you need to find a piece of furniture that can easily be folded into a compact size and then put away.

It is it possible to use it during the breeding season?

A tool for training that cannot transform into containers for whelping is an issue if you intend to breed your dog. It is essential to utilize the same tools you would for whelping puppies as you do for breeding . So if this one tool doesn’t meet both of these tasks, you need to find another.

Do the puppies have enough room to move about? Then, you’ll want to make sure that your dog isn’t placed in a cramped space during labor. The puppies may be trapped if there is not enough space to move around. The whelping container for dogs must be large enough for the mother to rotate easily, but not so much that the pups aren’t able to move around in.

Of sure, there are other things to consider when you are looking to purchase an whelping container for your dog. These basic guidelines can help you make an informed choice.

In short, whelping containers for dogs can help breeders to monitor a pregnant dog as well as assist in having an easy birth. These boxes help protect the puppies from other animals or children who might accidentally harm them. These boxes are beneficial even after the birth, as they allow you to keep an eye on the mother and her babies.

High-quality whelping containers can be costly. You can get an whelping container with removable covers if your goal isn’t to breed your dog, but you still require it to be durable enough to be used for training purposes.

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