Relief Funds For Yemen

Yemen is currently in the middle of a crisis for humanitarian reasons. The worst cholera outbreak worldwide has claimed thousands of lives and left tens of millions more sick. In the meantime, hunger strikes continue throughout Yemen as citizens protest oppression by government troops. They are accused of using unrestrained bombing campaigns to destroy rebel-held […]

What Is A Bookie? How Can You Start?

You’ve probably heard the term bookie at some point. You could be trying to figure out how to become a bookie. It’s possible you’ll love this job due to the 47 million Americans who are passionate about betting on sports, including American basketball, football and hockey. The college games offer great odds for those with […]

What are Electrical Safety Certificates?

If you’re looking to have security regarding safety in the electrical field, it’s important to pay a professional to perform an inspection. An electrical safety certificate is a record that helps ensure the issues that may arise in your property are fixed prior to they cause damage or injury. There is no legal requirement for […]