Health Benefits Of Cannabis That Everyone Should Know

Cannabis, a powerful herb, contains CBD an ingredient that has brain-enhancing effects. It can be taken from the cannabis plant and refined for medical use and does not cause any psychoactive effects. THC provides pain relief. Chronic pain is a possibility to relieve Medical marijuana is a type of cannabis that is a source of […]

What Are Some Examples Of Lebanese Street Food?

The best way to enjoy the flavor of Lebanon is to experience the street-style. The food that is served at these vendors is part of our culture for thousands upon millennia, and it’s not surprising that people love eating in summer, when everything about this country is fresh. From flowers on sale nearby to vendors […]

Types of COVID-19 Tests

The new rapid point-of-care test for the flu and coronavirus is a thrilling development. It is highly accurate and has speed that makes it simple to perform in a clinic or in a hospital setting, and being able of detecting any indication of either without having patients come back multiple times in a single day, […]